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Counter strike 1.6 vs source

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1Counter strike 1.6 vs source Empty Counter strike 1.6 vs source on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:15 pm


KazeWorld member
KazeWorld member
Hello people of this forum and i am going to post my thoughts of css vs cs.16 so lets get right in!

Cs 1.6

Well being the first counter strike the graphics are not really up to date to this current gen standards but it is still a fun game. Well it had the classic maps which we grew up to love like cs_assault and every one's favorite de_dust 2 ( why is it so good!) also the user made maps were quite a blast as well like the surf and gun game. But my favorite thing about it is the riot shield. People really did hate this but i loved it because shooting while the shield is up is pretty tight.

Cs source
Using the already awesome source engine VALVe made cs source for all the fans. Well being the same game but with better graphics and removing the riot shield ( shame on you valve!). The game was pretty much in my view a re skin of cs 1.6 but with better graphics. So not much to add excep gay porn sprays where added to the mix ( valve had nothing to do with it).

So there my rant of cs and the changes so cya!

2Counter strike 1.6 vs source Empty Re: Counter strike 1.6 vs source on Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:40 pm


kazeworld level 1
kazeworld level 1
hmmm i prefer source ...Very Happy .
in my opinion Razz

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